Water Polo History

The Nottingham Leander water polo team was formed and first entered the Nottinghamshire Water Polo League in 1958. Tony Taylor, who played in that team is still associated with Leander and water polo in the region, as is Reg Smith of Matlock.  Leander are now the third longest established of the 10 or so teams in the League. 

Fortunes have waxed and waned over the years but for most of the time, the team has held a mid-table position in the League. However, the team eventually gained its first silverware in 2002 by winning the Notts League Handicap Cup, which it won again in 2010.

Over the years a number of Leander players have gone on to play at Midland and National League levels of the game but in the Nottingham area has tended to be in co-operation with other clubs. The team has produced one full international player, Phil Elson, who joined as a 13-year-old and eventually played for England for several seasons in the mid to late 1980s.  More recently several juniors have trained as part of the England talent squad.

Water Polo