Aims and Philosophy

The club is based in Nottingham City and South Nottinghamshire and welcomes members from young to 'masters' who wish to learn and improve their swimming or play water polo. If you want to be involved with the club see below about joining.

The aim of Nottingham Leander Swimming Club is to promote and take part in competitive swimming and water polo. All Club teaching/coaching processes are devised with this aim in mind and all swimmers are taught the correct techniques to achieve maximum potential. In due course, it is expected that members achieving the necessary standards will swim for the Club teams in appropriate events.

Although the club is ambitious, it is our aim to develop swimmers without excessive pressure, in a supportive, friendly, injury-free and non-aggressive environment. It is relatively easy to achieve success, particularly at young (8-13) ages by putting great pressure on swimmers and working them extremely hard, this approach generally rebounds in later years and is not the Leander way. We find that swimmers who are not overworked achieve our first objective - that they enjoy themselves. This in turn brings a natural bonus of technical skill, enthusiasm and effort.

As young swimmers improve, the club aims to bring them to a standard where they will be comfortable taking part in races, club galas and 'open' meetings, and from there progress to Inter-County, District and International standing. Members are catered for in a training regime which continues into adulthood, and into the Club's Masters section and Water Polo teams, truly offering lifetime training.

We welcome competent and enthusiastic swimmers from age 6 or so upwards. Nottingham Leander S.C. believes that all children should learn to swim as a matter of course

The club trains at a number of pools in Nottingham city and Rushcliffe district - so there should be a pool and session near to you - see the training sessions section for details.