Water Polo Welfare and Safety

The welfare and safety of all players is our priority.

Water polo is a contact sport, with a ball travelling often at high speed – accidents and injuries do from time to time occur.  The coaches have been trained in how to run sessions to minimise this risk, and have run pool risk assessments.  The codes of conduct have been written to ensure everyone at Leander has a safe and enjoyable environment to train and play in – please take time to read them to ensure you know your responsibilities.

A life guard (or qualified life saver with observer) MUST be present at all water polo training sessions.  Coaches are responsible for ensuring a qualified lifeguard is present before instructing players to enter the water.

Players MUST NOT enter the water or poolside until the lifeguard is present.

We recognise the welfare implications of running teams and training sessions where boys and girls are training together in a mixed – sex environment.  Mixed junior training and teams are permitted under ASA laws.  In training, where body contact is likely during drills, we are mindful to organise sessions so boys only train with boys and girls only with girls.  If older players (over 16) join in training exercises, junior girls are not included unless a parent is present or has provided consent.  If you do not wish child to participate in training exercises with older players, you MUST inform the coaches.

All water polo coaches and officials who deal with the Junior and mini – polo teams have current CRB verification.  Coaches keep their awareness of child welfare issues current as part of the CPD and have recently attended a child welfare seminar.

Should any player or their parent/guardian have any welfare concerns these should be taken up with the coaches in the first instance.  If it is not appropriate to discuss with a coach, then you should contact the Leander welfare officer Club Welfare Officer as soon as possible.

Contact the Welfare Officer...

  • If you have any concerns, you should speak to a Coach, or take a look at the  Club Welfare for other options, including how to contact Leanders welfare officer, or Swim England's confidential Swim Line.