Every year, at our presentation evening in January, we aware a set of Trophies.

Jonathon Preston Trophies

Jonathon was a swimmer with the club who died tragically at an early age in a road accident. We have two trophies in remembrance of him one for each sex.  They are awarded for the swimmers that achieve the largest overall time improvement between the first and last of the Junior Galas

The Davis Trophies

Bill Davis is a past President of the club and a past Chief Coach.  The family are also probably the longest serving members of the club. They are awarded for the junior members of the Club Male/Female who in the Coaches/Committees opinion have made a significant contribution in all aspects of their early swimming. Junior is normally defined as 12 & under.

Bill Wilde Trophies

Bill was a past Chairman of the Club his daughter Isobelle swam for the Club in the 70’s.  They are awarded by the Chief Coach. No set criteria has been set for the awards, but a short citation and reasoning for the award is given at the presentation.

David Ladds Trophy

Dave was a committee member, Team Manager and parent who tragically passed away. The award is made by the committee and given for significant contribution on the administrative side of the club.

Whiting Plate

The personality of the year

Tony Holmes Trophy

Tony was our Chief Coach for 32 years who tragically passed away at the age of 56.

The award is made by the committee for a swimmer that hasn't necessarily won things or been the best but has gave their all, in training, galas and as part of the team.

Swimmers, Swimmer of the Year

In recognition of Phil Davis’s  50 years with Leander, our second longest serving member.  This trophy is voted on by the Swimmers. 

Coach of the Year

This trophy can be awarded to any Coach in the Club nominated by a swimmer/water polo player or parents/carers. Nominations will be given to a specified person on the Committee before the final Committee meeting of the year. The Committee members will then vote to decide which nomination is most deserving of the trophy.   The Trophy was kindly donated by Alex Lovell.

Victor Ludorum

Awarded to the swimmer (male and female) with the highest total of FINA points across 50, 100, 200, Form, Freestyle and IM in the Club Championships


The Pat Slaney awards go to the most improved masters' swimmers (2 awards: Male and Female), as judged by the coach.

Water Polo

Three annual Water Polo awards are made:  Best Senior, Junior and Mini player selected by the coaches.

  • Tony Taylor Award for Senior Water Polo
  • Tony Taylor Award for Junior Water Polo
  • Sheppard Award for Mini Water Polo

Tony has been a player, coach and organiser of Leander Water polo for many years until he moved away from the area and kindly donated a shield for Water Polo.

Chris Sheppard has been a player, swimmer and Chairman of Leander and kindly donated a shield for Mini Water Polo