Membership Fees

Membership accounts for the cost of administration, coaching fees/expenses and training, insurance of swimmers and spectators in the pool and on poolside, lifeguards, provisions for following all current health and safety regulations, affiliation fees and buses to Galas.

Training Fees contribute to the  charges made for water time and pool hire.

The fees are an annual fee, which can be paid in 12 equal instalments via standing order, as follows:

Category Explanation Annual Monthly
JOINING Initial joining fee - A single payment of £20. - -
FULL Multiple sessions** £480 £40
Water Polo Multiple sessions (including swimming**) £480 £40
STU I Student resident in Nottingham term time or vacation only £204 £17
STU 2 Student living at home in Nottingham £480 £40
STU N Student resident in Nottingham term time only & Nova Squad Member £0
NOVA 1 NOVA Squad members (not training with Leander) £84 £7
NOVA 2 Nova Development Squad members (still training with Leander) £480 £40
MEM Membership Only (non training member) £84

Where several members of one family swim, only the first three will be charged.

** The number of sessions and weeks actually attended by a swimmer is not restricted. Sessions are available on every weekday (most competitions occur at weekends) and each swimmer can maximize on the number of appropriate sessions attended at no extra cost.


Tadpoles sessions are in 12 week blocks in term time.

Each block is £48, paid for in advance.