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The aims of water polo at Leander are to equip players with the basic skills, techniques and tactics of water polo.   It is our intention to provide opportunities for enjoyment of the sport through the comradeship of club and team membership.

We will enter team in local leagues at all levels where there are sufficient players.

We follow the ASA recommended Long Term Player Development programme, to prepare players with the skills needed to enable them to play at regional level and beyond.  Junior players are encouraged to attend the Regional Training Centre; senior players are encouraged to play Midland League water polo with other local clubs.

We have limited time available in the water, and need to focus this on the development of water polo.   Players are expected to have the relevant fitness & swimming skills required to play water polo.  Swimming fitness and skills can be developed and improved at Leander swimming sessions.

Each year we run an awards scheme, to recognise players’ development.

Seniors - Men & Women

  • Perfect core skills
  • Apply relevant skills & techniques through game replica drills
  • Understand the phases of water polo
  • Develop team spirit and commitment
  • Develop an understanding of the game for the referees perspective

Juniors (U18, U16, U14)

  • Develop swimming skills relevant to water polo
  • Develop perfect the relevant ball skills
  • Develop techniques through game replica drills
  • Identify goalkeepers (#1 position, on every team sheet!)
  • Learn basic water polo game tactics
  • Gain knowledge and understanding of the rules
  • Develop team spirit and commitment.

Mini Polo (U12)

Mini polo is provided as a route into water polo, as is aimed at players under 12. In Mini Polo we will focus on developing very basic skills. We will also aim to make training fun by playing a game at the end of every training session, in which young players will learn awareness of a team-play. We will also introduce basic rules to play a fair and safe match.

  • Learn the fun of water polo
  • Learn the basic water polo skills
  • Improve swimming ability
  • Introduce basic water polo games


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