Arena Round 1: And so it begins... 16/10/2019

NLSC and the Arena National Swimming League. We've said #Weready for sometime. But were we?

British Masters Swansea 16/06/2019

The Tale of the Touch

Midland Masters Day 2 19/05/2019

Breaststroke - the rematch...

Midland Masters Day 1 18/05/2019

Midland masters in Rugby.

County Champion in 60th year racing for Leander. 24/03/2019

Tony Taylor, swam for Leander 60 years after his first relay in 1959. He won 3 races, becoming three time country champion.

Leander Success at the Welsh Masters 03/03/2019

More bling...

Masters 2018 Rankings 02/12/2018

Rankings of masters swimmers from 2018 masters competitions.

National Masters 28/10/2018

Leander finish 4th!?!

Leander Masters win National Relay Title 10/06/2018

Leander Masters win National Relay Title, in 4x50 freestyle

Masters Decathlon 2017 13/12/2017

Leanders 2017 Masters Decathlon Rankings...

National Masters 29/10/2017

Report on the Swim England National Masters in Sheffield.

World Masters - Budapest 20/08/2017

Report on the 17th World Masters Championships in Budapest, featuring 4 Leander swimmers

Masters Decathlon Ranking (Members Only) 03/12/2018

Masters Decathlon Ranking (Members Only)

Masters Records 01/12/2017

Nottingham Leander Masters Records