Who's Who at Leander...

Welfare Officers

  • See Welfare. 
    (Welfare officers are Committee Roles)

Leander President
Terry Taylor

Executive Committee

Leander's committee is elected annually at the AGM (22/11/2018)

Joe Bailey

Vice Chair
Colin Robbins

Sue Davis

Ann Woolger

Committee Roles

Minute Secretary
Jo Bailey

ASA Membership Secretary
Glynis Scorer

School Liaison 
Jon Hewing

Fundraising & Social
Simon Mandeville

Swim Mark Coordinator
Chris Syrett

Workforce Development 
Louise Lambert

Volunteer Co-Ordinator
Sarah Rickards

Committee Members

Committee Member
Haseley Gordon

Committee Member
Fiona Coleman

Committee Member
Lucy Howes

Committee Member
Kiyoko Naish

Commitee Section Representatives 

Water Polo
Alex Young

Mark Shipston

Lisa Chaplin



Appointed by the Committee.

Role Voluanteer

Tony Holmes Entries
County Entires
Club Champ Entries

David and Lyndsey Collishaw

Open Meet Co-ordinator

Fiona Coleman

Junior Galas Co-ordinator

Tina Dickerson

Sprint Meet

Lucy Howes

Trophy Officer

Michelle Brown

Swim Club Manager
Web Site
Data Protection

Colin Robbins

Swim England Representatives

Terry Taylor and Louise Lambert

Kit Officer

Sue Davis

Club Championship Organisers

Sarah Rickards
Alex Lovell
Jo Bailey
Lucy Danson