COVID-19 Swimming Procedures

Please ensure all swimmers are fully aware of these procedures.  We will implement a 3 strike rule for not adhering to the these Covid procedures.

All swimmers are required to sign the COVID-19 Risk Awareness Declaration in Swim Club Manager prior to swimming (you will be emailed details on how to do this prior to your first return swim).

If you are in a Covid-19 bubble that has been told to self isolate please do not attend any sessions.
This includes cases where whole or partial school / colleges closures are due to cases of Covid-19 in those settings. This also applies to all members who are or have been told to self isolate for any reason whatsoever, even if you are not displaying any symptoms.

Session Attendance

You will have been allocated a space at a swim session, and are expected to attend.    You can view your allocated sessions in Swim Club ManagerDo not attend if you have not been allocated a space at a session, you will not be allowed in the building.

If you cannot make an allocated session, please let us know in advance. If you do not attend on multiple occasions, and do not let us know, your place in the session may be reallocated. 
Masters: we recognise some working patterns mean you cannot make every session – just let us know.

How to let us know you cannot make a session...

  1. Logon to the Swim Club Manager App on a smartphone.  Select “sessions”, the swipe-right on the session you cannot make, then select the dates you cannot make.
  2. Logon to Swim Club Manager via the web site, select “calendar”, select a session and press “can’t attend”.

 With your cooperation in letting us know, we have the option of allowing a swimmer on the waiting list to have a swim.

Getting to the Pool

Unless allocated specific entry times swimmers are asked to arrive no more than 10 minutes before their session and will enter the leisure centre with a Leander representative 5 minutes before the session starts. Swimmers MUST be handed over to the Leander rep and must not enter the leisure centre alone. If you arrive late and there is no Leander rep, sorry you are too late.

  • Masks are to be worn on arrival at the leisure centre and until on poolside. 
  • Swimmers must arrive with costumes on.  You will not be able to change at site before the session
  • Please use the toilet at home just before you leave to reduce the need for bathroom breaks
  • All kit must be clearly labelled with swimmers name
  • Water bottles must be filled at home, no facilities at site
  • No kit bags allowed on poolside (e.g., bag with flippers, snorkels etc)
  • Swimmers will be greeted by a Covid Liaison outside the centre. All swimmers must check in with them and find out what lane they will be in
  • Parents must not leave until the swimmer is checked in with Covid Liaison outside
  • Parents are advised to stay within 20 mins of site in case of emergency
  • Swimmers will not be admitted if they are late
  • Covid Liaison will also direct on how to get to the changing rooms
  • Swimmers to put on a face mask before they enter site and use hand sanitiser
  • Once checked in walk straight to changing rooms, remove shoes and walk through to poolside
  • Covid Liaison will be in changing area to direct swimmers, oversee and keep them moving


  • There will be NO use of the changing rooms (unless exceptional circumstances) for swimmers under 18 years of age.
  • Swimmers must arrive with costumes on.

On Poolside

  • Once on poolside put clothing bag onto bench/wall under your lane number and remove mask & clothes over costume
  • Swimmers must be 2m apart while doing this. Covid Liaison will oversee this
  • Get hat, goggles and water bottle and walk to lane
  • No sharing of equipment is permitted
  • Please make sure you have spare hat & goggles
  • Stand next to lane on a number and place water bottle there
  • All lanes will swim clockwise
  • You will be placed in order by coach in the lane & must stay in order, no overtaking and always stop at your spot
  • If you are catching the swimmer in front please do not touch them, ask to swap places at end or speak to your coach

At the End of the Session

  • Each group of 2 lanes will get out 5 mins apart
  • Collect your equipment and your bag from poolside
  • No showers are to be used
  • Covid Liaison in changing area to oversee
  • U18 Swimmers
    • At the end of the session swimmers will towel off quickly
    • Put on robes/onesies
    • Dress over your swim suit
  •  Masters
    • Enter a changing cubicle on your own to change
  • Masks must be worn on leaving the pool and should be kept on until outside the leisure centre.
  • You must leave the building max 10 minutes after your session ends
  • No hair dryers are available
  • Covid Liaison outside to check swimmers are collected

Pool Specific Procedures

COVID Liaison Helpers

We will ask the COVID Liaison Helpers to do the following:

Door Helper

  • Will have a copy of the register and list of who will swim in each lane tick off as they arrive.
  • Any not on the list or late for their lane group will not be able to swim, parents MUST check swimmer in before leaving site.
  • Ask if swimmers feel ok or have been unwell, tick box to confirm.
  • If they or their family are unwell they will not be allowed to swim. 
  • Swimmers will be let in at set times 5 mins apart to help with distancing on route to poolside on way in.
  • Go onto poolside after all in, give register to lead coach.

Changing room helper at Harvey:  Ensure swimmers remove footwear and guide way to poolside, keep swimmers moving and distancing. Explain where to put bags on poolside. Go onto poolside after all in.

On exit:  Return outside and oversee swimmers being picked up by parents, especially younger ones.

Poolside Helpers

(x2 if not at Harvey)

  • Help set up poolside with coach.
  • Help put markers in bags area.
  • Oversee the pool and assist coaches with keeping the swimmers distanced.
  • Must say something if swimmers are not distancing.
  • One either side of pool.