High School Covid Procedures

(See also the overall Leander COVID-19 Procedures)


Exposure in Changing Rooms

  • All swimmers will be asked to come ‘beach ready’. This is where swimmers have their swimming attire under their clothing.
  • When using the changing rooms, customers must enter a designated changing bay.
  • If no bays are available, then customers must queue social distanced outside of the changing rooms.
  • Only one swimming group may use the changing rooms at one time.
  • When the next group enters the changing rooms, the person responsible for the group must ensure all surfaces are wiped down, only when they’ve finished may the rest of the group enter.
  • Customers should be encouraged to spend as little time as possible in the changing rooms and change at home where possible.


Exposure Around the Changing Rooms

  • Customers will need to follow the one-way system around the building.
  • Customers are required to hand sanitise upon entry to the building.
  • When queuing for the change rooms customers must remain socially distanced.
  • Parents/Carers should not be waiting inside the building for swimmers, but should follow the one-way system and exit after assisting in the changing rooms.


Crossing on Poolside

  • Females leaving the changing rooms should come out and go left, entering the pool using the steps on the far side of the pool. Queuing, two-meters apart, by the steps if multiple people are entering together. Less confident swimmers should continue round, clockwise, to the shallow end of the pool and queue along the back wall. Refer to Flow of People Swimming document for more information.
  • Males entering the pool should go right. Queuing two meters apart if multiple people are entering the pool. Stronger swimmers wanting to access the deeper end must continue around anti-clockwise and queue along the back wall. Refer to Flow of People Swimming document for more information. 
  • When leaving the pool, swimmers should use the steps closest to the changing rooms and take caution making their way back to the changing rooms.
  • Lifeguards should stand the opposite side of the pool from the changing rooms.


In the Pool

  • All lanes must swim in a clockwise motion.
  • No jumping into the water, enter only by the steps, as detailed in 3. Crossing on Poolside.
  • Maximum of 34 people in the pool at one time.
  • In case of emergency, follow lifeguard instruction and leave the pool at the nearest available steps.