Djanogly COVID-19 Procedures

(See also the overall Leander COVID-19 Procedures)

 Please be advised that anyone that is not there for the allowed time will not be able to swim. 

  • Swimmers will be greeted by a Covid liaison outside the centre. All MUST check in with them and find out what lane they will be in. Parents must not leave until Swimmer is checked in.
  • Parent will need to either remain in their car or stay close by just incase there are any problems.

Djanogly Route for Swimmers

Swimming club swimmers can enter the poolside once club lifeguard is present

Children arrive beach ready with costume under clothing 

All furniture has been removed from reception therefor parents will not be able to wait in reception or first floor areas.

In the changing village there is a clock wise route. As you enter the changing village take an immediate left straight down to the pool entrance.

Swimmers will go straight to poolside to meet the coach. Lockers and cubicles in this area are locked. The group changing rooms are also out of use. We advise beach ready swimmers to undress on poolside.  Clothing should be put into bag on poolside.

For club sessions the orange rope ropes will be used initially not the anti wave ropes. Starting blocks are not available.

After the lesson swimmers are directed to the far side cubicles to change  if you are expecting more than 12 swimmers then the near side cubicles can be opened also.

The health suite is not in use at present. 

If any overflow changing required please use cubicles by the village change entrance to the right as you enter.  

When dressed parents and children exit the building immediately, no costume dryer, no hair dryers, no vending.