Nottingham Leander was represented at the World Masters in Budapest by Colin Robbins, James Colvin, Kaye Leach and Mark Shipston.

(Photo courtesy of Mark Shipston, team photographer.)
(James team t-shirt was in the tumble dryer).

The facilities were fantastic, with racing at the Alfréd Hajós National Swimming stadium, venue for the 2006 European swimming championships with eight pools (two 50m), and the Duna Aréna with only five pools (three 50m), venue for the 2017 World Aquatics championship - the "Peaty Pool".

Kaye started the event on Monday for Leander, before the rest of the contingent managed to arrive, and clocked a good 12.47 for 800m in her only swim, before becoming a dedicated Leander and Long Eaton supporter.

Colin, started Tuesday disappointed with a 61.67 for 100 Free, in the Duna "warm-up" pool. Followed by James with a 1.21.28 in the 100 Breast, a long course best (He complained about someone putting treacle in the water for the last 20m!). Matt Leach, a matrimonial Leander swimmer, swam 59.92 in the 100 Free.
The day concluded meeting former Leander swimmer Helen Gorman, the new world Silver medalist (100 Breast) for a Pizza. Mark was invited to join us , but got lost somewhere in Budapest having been misdirected by a local.

Onto Wednesday, James went sightseeing!?!
Mark swam the 50 Fly in 34.93 in the Duna "warm-up" pool. Meanwhile, in the "Peaty Pool", Colin did 2.19.10, a lifetime PB in the 200 Free and 31.68 in the 50 fly (PB). Matt went 2.11.93 in the 200 Free a LC masters best, and a seasons best 28.53 in the 50 Fly.
Colin and Mark headed for the Hard Rock Café while Kaye found some Hummus with Matt.

Onto the final day of Leander swimming. Colin and James did 50 Free in the Alfréd Hajós open air pool, while Mark found his way to the main "Peaty Pool" for his race. Colin: 27.97 (PB), James 28.24 (LC PB) and Mark: 32.78.  After frying in the sun for an hour or two, Leander swimming wrapped up with the 200 IM. Colin swimming a lifetime PB in 2.40.60: and James: 2.44.71 - using the fly & die tactic, smashing the outbound 50 Fly in 31.63(LC PB), beating Colin's individual 50 Fly.
Helen smashed Gold in the 200 IM, 0.16 seconds outside the European record. Matt braved to 100 Fly swimming 1.07.39.

To celebrate, we headed for a drink at a venue Jonny Higham recommend, having attended the World Aquatics champs a few weeks earlier. Strange place, a waiter attended the table offering raw carrots for sale, Kaye indulged.

At the weekend, while Mark, Colin and James had traveled back to Nottingham, Kaye stayed to watch Helen take Silver in both the 200 and 50 Breaststroke.

To claim the Leander Masters bragging rights, we got creative with the results:

  • Kaye, 1st Brit in her year of birth (800 free, officially 43rd);
  • James, 2nd Brit, and 1st Brit in year of birth (200 IM),(officially 53rd in 100 Breast);
  • Colin, 2nd in year of birth and 1st Brit in year of birth (200 IM, officially 25th);
  • Mark, 3rd Brit in his year of birth and 1st from the Midlands (50 Fly, officially 49th).

Great swimming, with "Gold Medals" all around!

Missed out on the fun? The same venue is to host the European Masters in 2020. We've heard 2020 is your comeback year Jason Knight?

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