26 Nov 2018

Water Polo Match Report

South Derby 4 - Leander 13

Great win for our ladies' team! 

We played a friendly away match against South Derby. We had only six players including Hamza (GK) and a three players from South Derby, who played for us. 

We haven't played much together so I was a little anxious at the team talk. Our objectives for the match was to make quick wings after a break and feed ball to Mia (centre forward) and very high tight press like team Japan, which Pete, our senior men's coach, has been using for his team. It worked very well despite one player, who is about 6 feet 2 with long extended arms stealing and intercepting our passes occasionally. Hamza saved so many shots from center forward to 5 meter that we focused on our counter attacks. It was a glorious win and such a great motivation to keep us going in a coming new year. 

South Derby and Leander have agreed to do this more often next year! We will invite them to us just before a half term in February. 

Players: Mia, Emily, Soraya, Ngoc, Hamza, Kiyoko 

Kiyoko Naish - Ladies team coach

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