It's Volunteers week again & each day we will be announcing 2 winners in the volunteers draw by way of a thank you to all our amazing volunteers. Day 7: Jonny Higham & Stuart Gordon

Jonny Higham has been entertainment co-ordinator during lockdown with quizzes, challenges and Q&A sessions with top GB swimmers. He also helps out with coaching when he can, kit advice & is a great role model for all the swimmers. He wins a Leander momento.

The second winner, Stuart Gordon. Stuart has been with Leander for an amazing 33 years and has always volunteered during this time. He is currently an official and also coaches at Keyworth on Fridays & Rushcliffe on Sunday.

So this brings us to the end of volunteers week for the year and we would like to say one final thank you to ALL of you who volunteer in countless ways to make Leander the great club it is.

Thank you all for all the time you spend volunteering for Leander, we couldn't do it without you.

Saturday: Bobbie Gordon & Brenda Farrell

Friday: Kate Draper & Ginger Hodi

Thursday: Louise Robinson & Tina Dickerson

Wednesday: Alex Young & Jon Hewing

Tuesday: Lola Farrell & Fiona Coleman

Monday: Charmaine Thompson & John Dickerson

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