12 May 2019

Leander 29 vs Hinckley 6

12th May 2019 at Djanogly

What an amazing result! We did it again. It’s our second win with huge margin to us.

How did we play differently?? Our defence was tighter and there were numerous steals, which resulted in many goals by counter attacks. What I saw was a very proper water polo match. It was beautifully orchestrated: break, pass to wing, second in middle and another wing. The team finally understood and followed the structure (most of the time!).

Every single player gave the opponents hard time.  There were numerous covers in defence too.

Alice played a competitive match first time and did very well. She stole the ball a few times, which were converted to goals. She scored her first goal in her water polo career, which she will never forget!

I must mention the great play by Hamza, our GK. He saved numerous shots for the team including a penalty. He played out in the last quarter as well and scored a couple as well.

Area to improve for a next match is still defence! Some of the six goals by Hinckley could have been avoided if the press was done properly by everyone. Press doesn’t work effectively if just one of six out players doesn’t.  When the coaches shout ‘Press tight’, you know what you need to do in your next match!

Our next match is against Hucknall on Thursday 20th June at Djanogly. This is the last one before the summer break. Come on Leander!!

Goals: Oliver (6), Madeline (5), Emily (5), Betsy (5), Paulius (3), Zoli (2), Hamza (2), Alice (1)

Kiyoko Naish

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