25 Apr 2019

Leander 10 vs Grantham Water Polo (A team) 8

25/04/19 at Djanogly

Hurray! It was our first victory. The match started with a marvellous counter attack goal by Emily Richards within 30 second. That was one of the things we talked about at the team talk; speedy break after a shot made by opponent. Emily did exactly what she was told to do. Grantham A team played well but we played better. We kept our structure better than the last game. We learned from the last two games keeping the structure is the important key to play effectively.  The coaches are still trying to see each player’s strength and which position is best. In this match, some changes in positions worked well. The area to improve is still defence. Most and loudest shouts coming from the coaches are ‘press tight’ and ‘no pass’. It sounds so clear and obvious but the coaches need to shout all the time to remind them! 

Goals: Emily (5), Aidan (2), Oliver (1), Fran (1), Erno (1)

Well done team.

Kiyoko Naish

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