01 Jul 2022

Tony Holmes Open Meet Key information

Warm Up Schedule

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  1. It’s important we are notified in advance of any event withdrawals, you can do this by e mailing [email protected].  
    On the day withdrawals can be notified to the timing room at the side of the pool but MUST be before session warm up has started.
  1. Entry to the Sports hall for swimmers and coaches/team managers is from 8 am and we have courts 1, 2 and 3.
  2. Swimmers bring a camping style chair to sit on in the sports hall, there will be chairs but probably not enough for everyone.
  3. The warm up period is from 8.30am to 9.30am for session 1 and 1.00 pm to 2.00pm for session 2. The warm up schedule is shown as a separate document on the Tony Holmes website.
  4. Officials should report to Room 4 in the Changing Room Area at 8am.. Water and sweets will be handed out through the day.
  5. Entry to the balcony for spectators will be from 8 30am and entry is £6 cash only.
  6. We will not be printing programmes so please download a copy from the Tony Holmes website if you would like a paper copy
  7. Parents are able to enter the sports hall to visit our Swimshop but as team space is limited we ask you not to use the sports hall as your permanent base.
  8. Swimmers will be based in the sports hall until their race. Team Managers will be given heat sheets for each session to know which heat you are in.
  9. Shoes (crocs, flip flops, clean trainers) and a T shirt must be worn when walking between the sports hall and the pool, and swimmers should remember to take their towel to dry off too.
  10. Team managers are responsible for their swimmers in the sports hall, Leander stewards will call swimmers to the chairs 14 heats in advance. These will move quickly as it is only 50m racing so swimmers should listen out and be ready when called.
  11. Results sheets will be put up on the balcony for spectators and in the sports hall for swimmers and coaches/team managers.
  12. You are responsible for your belongings, the club and the centre cannot be held responsible for items going missing, so consider what electronic items etc you bring on the day.
  13. Bring some cash: we have a raffle and sweetie bags for sale and all are cash only.
  14. Sporty Swim shop will be there so you can buy swimming costumes / accessories on the day; they do take card as well as cash.
  15. Our Leander photographer Steve will be on poolside wearing his Photographer Top and anyone not wishing to feature in any photographs should notify Leander preferably before the day. Photographs will be available to view  shortly after the day but please bare in mind Steve has a full time job as well
  16. Parking: Please ensure you park in marked bays at the leisure centre. Alternative you may be able to park on the road but please read signs for any restrictions on the road.

    We  look forward to seeing you and seeing some great racing.

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