With our Masters ripping up the record books on Saturday night at the British Masters in Swansea, our youngest squad members were also swimming for glory in the Notts ASA Stage 1 Summer Trophy at the newly repaired Hucknall Leisure Centre.

Stage 1 events are a brilliant introduction to competitive club galas and really help to build the collective team spirit that underpins our great club. Plus it gives them a chance to add to the long history of success the Green Octopus has in the Stage 1 events and hopefully ensure we retain our on-going and current triple crown of being the Stage 1, 2 and 3 champions.

The passing of time meant that our gala captains of Emma Beale and Ben Sharp now represented the old-timer experience and their leadership set the example for the younger members of the squad to follow; smile, enjoy the company of your friends and swim freely. A winning combo.

The squad started quickly by winning the first five races of the night which really got the squad going. Throughout the night the noise levels from the whole squad cheering and shouting for their team mates was immense and on par with everything you’d expect from a Saturday night in Hucknall!

This trend continued as the Green Octopus racked up many 1st’s and 2nd’s to build scoreboard pressure that reflected the whole team’s effort. Even in adversity of Laurel Roberts Burrell turning in the Backstroke leg of the 10/11 year old medley relay at pace with his head he kept going and the team still won. It was amazing team work.
The resultant egg on his forehead was treated with an ice pack and then he went on to swim his backstroke individual, the FC relay and brought home the cannon at the end of the night! His progress is definitely one to watch.

It was also a great welcome back to the squad for Elissia Bowen after her recent troubles with a broken elbow. She brilliantly in the both the Back and Fly individual events (1st x 2) and you wouldn’t know that she’d been out of swimming.

But the night belonged to our youngest and newest squad members. Isla Mitchell, Lucas Lam, Gautham Lakshmipathy, Jack Mandeville and James Beale to mention but a few because if they were nervous then their performances didn’t reflect that. In a few years they will be leading the Green Octopus teams and we are very lucky to have them.

At the end of the night after points were tallied, NLSC stood again at the top of the table, Stage 1 winners again. And the though the shiny trophy is nice, the smiles it put on the faces of our squad and the pride created with the parents and volunteers, the collective memories made will both outlive and mean more than the trophy itself.

Sincerely hope any requests for McDonalds’ etc. were met favourably afterwards because they were hard earned and well deserved.

A British Record and a Stage 1 victory? Our very own Super Saturday.

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