On 02/11/2019 the personal details of one Leander Swimmer, stored in Swim Club Manager, was accessed by a member of the public.  The affected member has been contacted.  Following an investigation we have concluded the unique circumstances of the event meant only one member’s record was affected.

Since the event, we have taken steps to prevent a similar issue in the future, including changes to process and alterations to the Swim Club Manager software undertaken by the software owners.

The matter constitutes a data breach under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and was reported to the Information Commissioner (https://ico.org.uk/), as case IC-27878-K0R4, with details of the steps we have taken to prevent reoccurrence.   The ICO has closed the case stating “we have decided that no further action by the ICO is necessary on this occasion."

We take data protection seriously, and apologise for the error.  A privacy statement / data protection policy is available on the website, stating how we use your data to run the swimming club.  If anyone has questions of concerns about this matter, please contact the Club’s Data Protection Officer: Colin Robbins.

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