Over the last few weeks we have made some significant updates to the Nottingham Leander Web Site.

  • We noticed that more than half of the accesses to our web site were from users on mobile devices.  So we have made the site more mobile friendly.
  • We have increased the integration with, Swim Club Manager, which enables us to more easily share information that is for members only, and easier for you to keep your own details up to date.   We upgraded the security controls as part of that.
  • We’ve made  more information available about your coaches (if your coach does not have a photo on the web site, give them a nudge - we’ve tried!)
  • The news sections are more focused on specific areas of the club, and the links to Facebook are now stronger, hopefully enabling communication from us to reach the right people.
  • Finally, the menu structure has been reorganised, which should help you more easily find the information you need.

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