18 May 2019

Disappointingly few Leander masters made to the Midland masters in Rugby,  with good swimming from the few that did, plus a bit of obligatory banter.

Adam Rose opened the swimming with a bronze in the 400 free, achieving his target qualifying time for the national masters and getting a Bronze. Colin set a new East Midlands record in the 400 free, and Leona set a 4 second PB, both just outside the medals.

That set the scene of the standard expected for the sprinters in 50 Breaststroke showdown. Rob vs  James vs Dean.   Each swimmer finished in the medals with James’ 35.14 narrowly beating Dean’s 35.36 - narrowly James, narrowly.  However, Dean wins on points (470 age adjusted FINA points to 460).  Who can convert it in the 100 on Sunday?

Dean next with a Silver in the 100 fly.

After a break, onto the 100 IM.  Colin and James in the same heat.  Colin lead after the fly/back, with not unexpectedly James overtaking on the Breast turn BUT Colin then took the place back on the Breast swim before completing the Free to take Gold.

Rob won the 200 Breast, despite worrying on the last turn, as the rest of the team were encouraging him from the end of the lane to go faster, knowing he couldn’t.

The final swim of the day.    Heat 7, the only heat that mattered.  The 50 free showdown.
James.  Pete.  Colin.
Finishing in that order, with a DQ for Colin for a flyer.  Oh the Irony, losing to James due to a false start! 

Sunday to follow...

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