It was our first tournament of this year. Half of the players have never played in the tournament before. We had Ngoc as a new Team Manager for the team.

We started our first game to be a warm-up! Our first seven was led by confident Drew, Aidan and Paulius and others were trying to find out what a real competitive match would be like. Our goal was well protected by Matas and Hamza, which was shown by very little deficit we had during the entire tournament.

Our second match was right after the first match. Young players were showing no sign of tiredness and played well against Grantham A and won easily 9-2. Our younger players Zoli and Matthew made some amazing counter attacks and added their goals to the amazing result. Saule made a good move during the game but unluckily didn’t manage to score. She asked me how she can score. My answer was ‘look for an empty space and swim as fast as you can’ and ‘pick up a ball and high in the water with good leg work and shoot’ ‘don’t be afraid’. 

We played very well in the next two games. There were lots of good teamwork plays: making a wing and a good pass. They seemed to start learning how to play as a team. Luc started showing very good defence with his quick and sharp movements. They all started talking to each other especially when they were in defence. I saw a couple of very good covers as well.

Our last match was drawn but I must say we should’ve won. There were two bad calls by a referee (allow me to say to justify how good the team was), which cost us draw. In the last match, Hamza truly showed his talent to be a next good goalie for our team. His fencing training is complementing GK skills. Let’s work on your egg beater, Hamza!

I must mention Matas played Northampton B due to a shortage of players and he was a key player to prevent Northampton A to win. I saw an incredible spirit in him.

We were a joint winner of the tournament. Let’s keep good work for a next round.

Well done to all and thanks Alex for refereeing and Dom for a Table. I must mention a great support from the parents. We heard you very well from the bench!

Ngoc, you were amazing TM and lifted all my pressure to concentrate on coaching.  Thank you.

Our next Midi tournament is on Sunday 20th May at Grantham.


Kiyoko Naish

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