NLSC are blessed with two amazing individuals who just happen to be excellent swimmers. Through their progress with Nova, Emma Erskine and Josh Skinner were selected to represent the East Midlands at the McCullagh International Meet in Bangor, Northern Ireland.


This meet featured the full Olympic programme of events and included Open A, Open B, and Age Group finals.


We’re biased. We know how good Emma and Josh are and how good they can be. As they competed against the best in the country they had the support of the green army cheering them on back home.


The volume of swimming was immense and the results achieved should inspire the club to go harder, faster and happier too.


The full meet results are available but their individual results are below.


Well done to both. You’ve made the Green Octopus very proud




Friday AM


Fc Relay 4x200m 3rd leg - Team came 5th.

400 IM Heats- 6th- Qualified A final

200 Fly Heats 13th -Qualified for B final

Medley relay 4x100 -BC team finished 5th


Friday PM

400 IM Final -10th

200 Fly B Final- 2nd 


Saturday AM

100 Bc- 10th - Qualified A Final

800 Fc -15th 

Fc relay 4x100 2nd leg - Team came 7th


Saturday PM

100 Bc Final - 10th 


Sunday AM

200 BC Heats -10th Qualified A final

200 IM Heats - 13th Qualified for B final


Sunday PM

200 Bc Final - 10th

200 IM B Final - 3rd 





Friday AM

Fc relay 4x200 - 1st leg- Team finished 3rd

50 BC - 13th Qualified for B final

800 Fc - 9th

Medley relay B team 4x100 -BC - Team finished 7th (Beating the East Mids A team)


Friday PM

50 Bc B final - 5th


Saturday AM

400 IM Heats - 19th Qualifying for B final

100 BC Heats - 14th Qualifying for B final

1500 FC HDW- 10th

FC relay 4x100 - 2nd leg - Team finished 6th


Saturday PM

400 IM B Final - 9th 

100 BC B final - 9th


Sunday PM

200 BC Heats- 5th Qualifying for A Final 

400 FC Heats - 12th Qualifying for final

Medley relay mixed 4x100 BC- Team finished 9th 


Sunday PM

200 BC A Final -9th

400 FC Final - 8th

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