30 Mar 2019

Leander U15 v Northampton WP 30/03/19 at Northampton School for Boys

Our second league match took place at Northampton School for Boys. The venue is being recognised the centre for Water Polo, as many of British National League, England team and England National Academy use this facility. Before our match, England U17 team was doing their training for EU Nations tournament in three weeks time.

We took a team of nine players. The opponent was Northampton B team, which consists of younger players than their A team (but still quite big!), who we confronted a week earlier.  Coach Danny had a team talk to make sure each player understands the objectives of the match and their roles.  One of the objectives was to avoid unnecessary major fouls.

The game started well in the first quarter with a structure with basic tactic moving the ball forward from the right wing and fed to the centre forward.  In the second quarter, there were quite a few occasions their structure became loose and a few counter attacks were made by the opponent. Our players started looking a little tired to chase the opponent players and loosing focus on their attacking. Northampton took an advantage of it and had a further more counter attacks.  With the new FINA rules adopted for the league, fouls such as defending from attacker’s back within six meters automatically become penalty. As a result two of our players were wrapped and no longer able to play the rest of the game. As the game went on without these key players, the deficit became bigger. It was a lesson for us; understanding the new rule would become very important to play a match.  

The game ended 8-20.  However the result didn’t reflect how they did play. Looking at the first quarter and the beginning of the second quarter, if they had more stamina and they could have kept their structure and focus, the scores would be different. We know Water Polo is a physical sport with high intensity and require much more stamina than any other sports. This season has started and reminded us of how important it is to improve very simple element in the sport. Coach Danny has started a new regime in training to increase their stamina.

Our next match will be Thursday 25th April at Djanogly and play against Grantham A team.

In the meantime, Coach Alex is organising a dry learning session to understand the new FINA rules and how to play a match smartly!

Kiyoko Naish

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