The team was very mixed both in age and ability but most of all experience from one player who has played at the highest level we have in the UK to another who played their first ever game. 

There were 4 games in total and the first game we lost by 1 goal where the team settled down and realised that if they worked together they could achieve good results. The more experienced players had to understand the level of refereeing is different to what they are now used to and the less experienced had to understand how a game was played. 

Game 2 we showed what we could do and the team settled down winning comfortably and spectators started to see some good teamwork and goals coming from a team who worked together well. 

Game 3 was a little harder but once the more experienced players went ahead the youngsters came in and managed to hold on to take another lead already learning from the situations they were experiencing. 

The last game was great we played a group of mostly big strong lads and our technical experience literally won us the game working together and never giving up as the coach I was very proud to watch them play. 

The next step for all of these players is to find a way of playing more structured games in training to allow us to work on things that will develop them as payers. For the majority, we have to do this across the width and with little room which makes development difficult. 

The result of the day were we are the joint winner with Northampton. However, we technically won the tournament as we beat Northampton.

Well done to all and thanks to Pete and Alex for refereeing you were awesome and a great support to the team. Parents thanks for bringing everyone and shouting so loud.

Our next tournament is on Sunday 22nd April at Hucknall.


Sarah Dunsbee

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