At the meeting held on 13th June 2019, NLSC’s committee agreed to accept the resignations of two of our coaching team at the end of the 2018/19 season in July.

As such the committee, on behalf of everybody connected to our great club, would like to express our immense thanks and gratitude to Mandy Scotney (Head of Development) and Jonny Higham (Head of Senior Squad) for everything they have brought and given to the Green Octopus for helping make us what we are today and passing on a lifetime’s love of swimming to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

Mandy’s retirement from her coaching role with Leander comes after many years work with all aspects of coaching within the club and also with Nova Centurion; where she’s coached, amongst others, Charlotte Henshaw and Ollie Hynd in their journey to Paralympic success.

Mandy has been instrumental in our successes in the Notts ASA stage events, Arena leagues, county, regional and national championships.

Her dedication and support to all of our swimmers, regardless of what stage they are on in their own personal journey, has been both immense and unquestionable; all have become better athletes as a result.

She also tirelessly helped out in officiating many galas as a referee and we are overjoyed that she will continue to be a part of the Leander family in this capacity.

Both Mandy’s work and personality with our development swimmers will be hugely missed as she has created a pathway and environment that has instilled incredibly strong foundations for their future swimming careers. The quality of swimmers that our club has is in no doubt attributable to the standards that Mandy has set.

Mandy said: “It is with much regret and sadness, and after a long period of thought, that I am resigning from the club in all aspects of coaching.

“Leander will always have a special place in my own and my family’s heart. It holds some of my family’s fondest memories and has shaped my children’s lives for the better.

“But it is time now to let others take over.”

Jonny’s decision to step down from his role with Senior Squad comes after much consideration of his own work / life balance. In a relatively short period of time Jonny has helped bring an infectious energy and drive to our club that underpins everything we want to be.

His support and development to all members of the Senior (and Junior) Squads has set a very high benchmark for the future of the Green Octopus to follow.

Jonny said “My goal when taking on the Senior Squad role was to help pass on the love I have for this sport to as many people as possible. I knew it would involve making some sacrifices and presented a challenge that I wouldn’t fully understand until I’d given it a proper go.

“After sitting down to review things in recent weeks and talking with friends and family, it’s become clear that at this stage in my life and career it’s important to readdress the balance of things that keep me happy and healthy vs those that pay the bills and that has unfortunately meant making this decision.

“I want to thank everyone at Leander for giving me this opportunity and the brilliant support they’ve offered me throughout. I really believe you all really embody and understand what the Leander Family is all about and have created a spirit in the club that will continue to allow the swimmers to have fun and swim fast for many years to come.

“It’s been over two years since I first started coaching with Leander and I’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning from some amazing coaches. I’d like to thank them for making it such a fun and enjoyable place to work and for supporting me.

“I’ve grown to really care for the swimmers and it’s been awesome to watch them grow into the people they are today. They have provided lots of laughs and delivered moments where I’ve been astonished by their resilience and resolve.

“Seeing their joy at winning a medal, achieving a PB or maybe beating a rival when you know the hard work and commitment it has taken from them to get there is especially humbling. I hope I’ve in part reached my initial goal with them.

“I shall be continuing to swim with Leander’s Masters Squad, more regularly than in recent years, so expect me to occasionally shout across to remind the swimmers to streamline or do their fly kicks. I’ll also be supporting the club’s team events where needed, including National swim league as we bid to make finals this year…so you haven’t got rid of me just yet!”

Replacements will be sought following Mandy’s and Jonny’s departures. NLSC’s committee have agreed with our Director of Swimming’s, Stephanie Brakespear-Handley, proposal to use this as an opportunity to restructure our coaching model.

Recruitment activity for all vacancies within the new structure will begin in the very near future and we share the detail of such with all members of the Leander family soon.

Though this a sad time for Leander to have to say goodbye to two excellent coaches, it is also a great time for us to thank both Mandy and Jonny (two brilliant, inspirational and outstanding people) for everything that they have given to our club and share with them our hopes and best wishes for their ongoing and future success.

The privilege of having both Mandy and Jonny as part of our great club cannot be understated.

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