17 Nov 2020

A quick catch up on who our lucky volunteers have been in the last few draws:

November: Freya Turner - £25 voucher

Freya has helped with tadpoles & transition swimmers for about 2 years now. She is amazing with the children & they love having her help them. Freya is a wonderful young lady & its a pleasure to have her in the Leander team.

October: Ruby Harrington - £25 voucher

September: Charlotte Woodward - £25 voucher

August: Alex Coupland - £25 voucher

July: Jo Bailey - £25 voucher

June - Volunteers Week: Charmaine Thompson, John Dickerson, Lola Farrell, Fiona Coleman, Jonny Higham, Stuart Gordon, Kate Draper, Ginger Hodi, Alex Young, Jon Hewing, Louise Robinson, Tina Dickerson, Bobbie Gordon & Brenda Farrell

May: Hazel Draper - £25 voucher

April: Peter Scoffings - £25 voucher

March: Louise Lambert - Speedo Fastskin trunks & Anna Marsden - £25 voucher

February: Phil Lambert - Speedo Fastskin trunks & Ellie Beale - £25 voucher

Thank you so much to all of you for all your efforts for Leander. We really couldn't do it without you x

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