13 Dec 2021

No, nothing to do with emptying a glass of something. As we all descended on Hucknall pool for the final day we found what could go wrong had indeed gone wrong - with no electronic timing, an uncooperative starting mechanism and a movable pool floor stuck in 'very shallow' mode. The suggestion that all the 100+ swimmers should jump in together to shift it was rejected on safety grounds. This meant no starting blocks, a slippery starting position (no, the floor) no lane numbers and tall swimmers such as Will S-B swimming in water that barely reached mid- thigh. Nevertheless it was great to see everyone smiling throughout from oldest swimmers Adam (very brave) to youngest swimmer Matilda (equally brave). Amazingly, there were many PBs on the day. All you swimmers can pat yourselves on the back knowing that there is more to come in more suitable circumstances. All you officials can pat each other on the back and reflect on a job done with efficiency and humour throughout. 

As this was a licenced event all PBs are now on the national database and in your Leander record.

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