23 Oct 2021

The first bus trip for many months! Two teams at Peterborough where we made a good showing against the large City Of Peterborough squad on their home turf (or rather, water). A big well done must go to the youngest (11) age group many of whom were swimming in a 'team' event for the first time. Note to all swimmers, especially 11 yrs girls : if you can win in this company you know you are doing well. There was a bit of an invasion of Mc. D's on the way home we trust they had plenty of supplies. Next round ? At Peterborough again, both teams again, 13th November. Thank you to all selected swimmers who have responded so soon. If you were (selected), and you havn't (responded) yet, please help the coaches to finalise teams by doing so.

Official results and some relay splits now on the website (Go to 'Members' then 'Gala Results')

The blood ? Its amazing how much can be produced by one ten-year-old girl having a nosebleed.....


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